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Automatize and control your miners with a simple and intuitive application without using commands.
Earn up to 20% more by mining several coins instead of one.


Portada CryptoMinero

The main functionality of the program is to automate the mining of cryptocurrencies by means of graphics cards (GPU), selecting by algorithms, the cryptocurrency that offers the most profitability. The first time it is executed, it calculates the power of the graphic cards for each one of the algorithms used, to later know which cryptocurrency offers the greatest benefit.

It offers a very friendly and simple graphical interface to facilitate its configuration and functionality. Available in several languages (English, French, German and Spanish)

Pantalla configuracion CryptoMinero

Visualize and verify that your miners are working correctly, anywhere from the web. Receive customizable notifications, such as if one of your miners has stopped, the graphic cards have gone up a lot of temperature and other options.

Estadísticas de los mineros en la Web CryptoMinero

It allows selecting which cryptocurrencies we want to mine, the intensity of use of each of the graphic cards in the mining. It controls the temperatures of the graphic cards, it also controls that they are working and do not stop. It will sent notifications to the email if there are problems with a miner.

Pantalla configuracion monedas CryptoMinero

The program updates every 60 seconds a list with the most important cryptocurrencies and estimated earnings, showing it on the screen. It has statistics of estimated earnings in 24 hours, earnings obtained per day and earnings in 7 days.

Pantalla estadisticas CryptoMinero

It shows the price of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency that we mine, updated every minute. The hashrate of the algorithm undermined at every moment by graphic card and the total. It also shows statistics for each of the pools. The hashrate, percentage of invalid hashes, the accumulated balance and many other data.

Pantalla estadisticas miningpoolhub CryptoMinero

Shows the balances of the mined cryptocurrencies in each of the pools used. You can control at any time, at a glance, the income generated and the long-term profitability.

Pantalla estadisticas 7 dias CryptoMinero

Download the latest version here.


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