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Automatize and control your miners with a simple and intuitive application without using commands.
Earn up to 20% more by mining several coins instead of one.


You need to have installed the latest version of Java SE Runtime Environment 64 bits (8u191)

Pantalla configuracion CryptoMinero Pantalla configuracion CryptoMinero

CryptoMinero v0.4.03 beta Windows 7/8/10 64 bits

MD5: 860fc37b62463ede488cbf4dbe6f0b05 Logo VirusTotal

  • Updated the algorithms for the correctly reception of the cryptocurrencies data
  • Added new Cryptocurrencies. Now there are more than 50 in the list
  • You must use the latest version of bminer(10.6.0) and ccminer(2.3) to work correctly

CryptoMinero v0.4.02 beta Windows 7/8/10 64 bits

MD5: 139b0f936f7e578dfe8bb2968a78d91e Logo VirusTotal

  • Added the Zhash algorithm. You have to install the latest version of bminer
  • The Groestl algorithm has been removed
  • Added new Cryptocurrency

CryptoMinero v0.4.00 beta Windows 7/8/10 64 bits

MD5: 02c9788f8bd9769e416a5244624571db Logo VirusTotal

  • Added the X16R algorithm. The X11Gost algorithm has been removed
  • Added cryptocurrency RavenCoin. The cryptocurrency SibCoin has been removed
  • Fixed bugs in the initial hashrate calculation. The time needed to do the calculations also has been reduced
  • More information has been added to the system tray icon, when you put the cursor on it

CryptoMinero v0.3.09 beta Windows 7/8/10 64 bits

MD5: 819511cf34795d7c2afa0cd40f8fcc34 Logo VirusTotal

  • Added hashrate statistics by algorithm
  • Now the only necessary engine is bminer. The engine ccminer is optional
  • Added menu and icon in the system tray. To access it, click with the right button on top of it
  • Added options to start/stop the miners, show/hide program and exit the program in the the system tray menu
  • Now the button to close the window minimizes the program to the system tray, putting the program in the background, to increase the mining performance. To exit the program use the menu option of the system tray
  • Fixed minor bugs

CryptoMinero v0.3.08 beta Windows 7/8/10 64 bits

MD5: ce0c554cbe973e69970618cccfd4d50a Logo VirusTotal

  • Improvements in program performance
  • Added the option to activate the monitoring of your miners from anywhere
  • Added Hashrate charts by algorithms on the web
  • Fixed minor bugs

CryptoMinero v0.3.07 beta Windows 7/8/10 64 bits

MD5: 80b0c8ab363aacfeb3e4d8f1dfc38e8b Logo VirusTotal

  • Added Bitcoin Private (BTCP) to mine. You must activate the workers in the suprnova pool
  • Code improvements for automatic algorithm change. 10% increase in income
  • Improvements in the code increasing the speed of the program and reducing the use of memory
  • Implemented data capture for Hashrate statistics (Available in the next version)
  • Fixed minor bugs

CryptoMinero v0.3.06 beta Windows 7/8/10 64 bits

MD5: b73de48c8f70e99deb95fa7015b3ea1d Logo VirusTotal

  • Improvements in the operation when starting and stopping the engines
  • Code improvements for automatic algorithm change
  • Removed the pool altminer by closing
  • Temporarily deactivated the mining of GoByte, VivoCoin and TrezarCoin
  • Fixed minor bugs

CryptoMinero v0.3.05 beta Windows 7/8/10 64 bits

MD5: e919925e1148f14bfcd9f827f2851ad9 Logo VirusTotal

  • Added a new option to select which currency is being used in the MiningPoolHub autochange
  • Fixed bugs in statistics Estimated 24h to change the month
  • Fixed bugs in statistics Profit 7 days

CryptoMinero v0.3.04 beta Windows 7/8/10 64 bits

MD5: 639dca250d1cc68a2493f9e403482b3e Logo VirusTotal

  • Languages: English and Spanish (Soon It´ll be available French and German)
  • Automatic algorithm change
  • Selection of coins to mine
  • Calculation of hashrate by algorithm
  • Statistics of pools, income and hashrate
  • Revenue estimation graphs
  • Prices of mined coins
  • Sending automatic notifications via email
  • Automatic Updates
  • GPUs working watchdog
  • Watchdog engine controller
  • Support for the main algorithms
  • Support for NVIDIA cards


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